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Updated 21 October 2015


       There are a lot of changes here on my website, and I thought you might like to have a page where you can just check in every so often and see What's New.

  • 10/21/15 -- New painting: Autumn State of Mind.  Please see my ON CANVAS page.

  • 10/20/15 -- New painting: Follow Me.  Please see my ON CANVAS page.

  • 9/30/15 -- New painting: Red Tide.  Please see my ON CANVAS page.

  • 9/30/15 -- New painting: Fish Ladder V: Season Peek.  Please see my ON CANVAS page.

  • 9/29/15 -- New Reviews! Please see my REVIEWS page.

  • 9/29/15 -- New photos: Please see my HOME, ABOUT WIL and ON WRITING pages!.

  • 9/29/15 -- New photos: Please see my MOMENTS page.

  • 9/27/15 -- My novel Fatal Mistake and my short story "Oh Henry" were featured at the Bouchercon World Mystery Convention, which was held in Raleigh, NC October 8-12, 2015. A convenient place for me to attend. The fun is listening to other writers who have inner voices and put them on paper. And...we aren't prescribed anti-psychotic drugs for doing so! So, all you writers and want-a-bes...just do it, put your stories on paper and enjoy the music of your words. And by the way, if you are interested in reading any of my works, please see my ORDER page for titles and store/ format options. For more information on the Bouchercon World Mystery Convention, please see: http://www.bouchercon.info/

  • You may now order my Novels and Short Stories in a variety of e-book formats from one convenient page: Please see my new ORDER page for titles and store/ format options.

  • Exciting news about ROSIE: AUTUMN ROSE, formerly TAKING ROSIE'S ARMS, will soon be available in e-book format! I am also working on another Rosie book, called SIDE BY SIDE. Check back either here or on ROSIE's page for details and progress (and a sneak peek at the new cover for .AUTUMN ROSE!)

  • Enjoy some of my favorite photos on my new MOMENTS page. Like many other nature lovers, people watchers, I keep my camera handy in case I encounter a perfect 'moment' that must be captured. You'll see many throughout the pages of my website. On my MOMENTS page, you'll find some of my other favorite "moments." There will be more as time goes by!

       It's been an exciting adventure promoting my first TAKING ROSIE'S ARMS. I've visited wonderful cozy book stores in several states, as well as attending several conferences. The greatest insight for me as a writer has come from invitations from book clubs to discuss Rosie.

       If you would like me to speak to your book club or writing group, or drop by any other event, please feel free to email me .


Retreat to the serenity of rain-jeweled flowers.


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